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As children are back at school, parents rejoice and prepare to stock up for the year ahead! Whether your children are learning at home, online or in person, Usborne Books has you covered!


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  • When shopping and checking out directly from the above link, all books will be shipped directly to you from Usborne warehouse for a $10 flat rate for all orders under $75.00 (12% warehouse shipping fee if over $75)
  • FREE LOCAL PICKUP is available for all Usborne Books through our weekely website group orders! Simply screenshot which book you would like to add to your order from the party link above and we will add it to our Website Group orders for you to pickup at your desired pickup location (Milton, Burlington or Stoney Creek)
  • We can add any usborne book order with an exsiting My Little Zoo's product order too. If you are getting your My Little Zoo Orders shipped, you will NOT pay an extra shipping fee.

Unlock 1/2 Price November Special Books with every $50 order (maximum up to 5 specials) 

We've highlighted a few favourites below that would make a great gift or pair perfectly with any of our My Little Zoo's Kids Products!





Want to Earn FREE Books?? Let us host you a Virtual Facebook Book Pash Party!


 Do you have a wish list a mile long for your own bookshelves? Well then maybe hosting a group order of your own is the way to go! When your party 'qualifies' (aka you've collected $200 or more in sales), I'tll unlock these amazing Usborne Books at Home perks!

Your party will take place virtually through Facebook where you can invite all your friends and family to join your party event for 2 days!

Perks for you:

* free kids books

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*discounted shipping

Perks for your guests:

* customer specials

* party prize draw

* discounted shipping

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